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Structure of the company

Contact us:
MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s.

Bratislavská 111
911 05 Trenčín

+421 908 723 167


MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s. is a member of MZP Group, which covers and coordinates activities of the parent and subsidiary companies.


A structure and territorial location of MZP Group members is based on our aim to be as close to our customers all over the world as possible, along with a requirement for maximum efficiency and flexibility in business activities of the group particular members as well as the entire group.


Owing to ever-expanding demands for services of MZP Group members, the original concept covering above all Central European markets has expanded all over the world. The cooperation with the largest world’s companies within the field of our activities (Metso, Andritz, Redecam, Cimcorp and others) was a significant impulse for a formation of a new structure of MZP Group oriented on customers worldwide.


On the American continent, the company is represented by MZP KILN SERVICES based in Ambridge.

Montáže Přerov a.s. and MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s. cover the European market.


This territorial structure enables flexible and fast reactions of MZP Group to our business partners’ actual needs and requirements, including a potential of expanding and establishing in new markets.