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MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s.

Bratislavská 111
911 05 Trenčín

+421 908 723 167


MONTÁŽE Trenčín a.s., till 2009 MONTÁŽE s.r.o. based in Rohožník, was established in 1993 and continuously followed the 40-year tradition of its parent company Montáže Přerov a.s. within a field of assemblies, disassemblies, reconstructions, repairs and manufacturing of technological equipment and steel structures.


In the past our employees together with the parent company participated in construction of 21 cement plants, 26 lime plants, 37 brick-making plants, 45 ceramics manufacturing plants, 15 cellular concrete plants, 68 stone processing plants and other plants in the territory of the Slovak republic, the Czech Republic and other 36 countries worldwide.


Our company provides complete execution of investment complexes, including:

  • assessment and proposal of a solution,
  • design processing and works documentation,
  • measurements, diagnostics and adjustment of various technological devices,
  • complete delivery and installation of technical equipment,
  • assembly of specified technical equipment,
  • other assembling works with the use of our own mounting mechanisms with a lifting capacity up to 400 tons,

for cement plants, lime plants, ceramics manufacturing plants, brick-making plants, crushing plants, mineral processing plants, aluminium processing plants, steelworks and other technological and investment complexes within a field of mineral processing, power engineering, chemical, paper-making, food processing, glass-making and automotive industry in the territory of the Slovak republic and together with our parent company in Europe and USA.


Our company also provides repairs, reconstructions and manufacturing of technological equipment according to a client’s documentation, above all parts of shells of rotary kilns, mills, supporting rings, filters, dryers, coolers, ventilators, storage silos and tanks, steel structures and many other products including transport to a place of installation.


We have our own capacity of 100 skilled assembly workers and a corresponding number of technicians. If a multiple increase in assembly capacities is needed, we cooperate particularly with our parent company and other carefully chosen and long-term proven professional sub-suppliers.